Best Protein Powder Buy In Dubai (2019)

Are you looking for the best protein powder you can buy from Dubai ? We have prepared a list of the best protein powder which have all quality available that you need in body building & fitness. Check our top 5 list of best protein power buy in Dubai. we hope you will find protein powder you looking for from this list.


Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey​

Editors' rating :
  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard is best selling whey protein powder in the sports nutrition industry.
  • Its Made in GMP compliant company owned and operated facilities in the U.S.A
  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey uses pure Whey Protein Isolates as the primary ingredient.
  • Its Combined with ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate.
  • It has Over 4 Grams of Glutamine & Glutamic Acid in Each Serving.
  • In each serving provides 24 grams of all-whey protein and 5.5 grams of Naturally Occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).
  • This protein powder gives you plenty of ways to keep workout recovery interesting.
  • You can take it any time as post-workout or pre-workout or with the meal.
Famous & Trusted Brand Manufacturer
Slow in Protein digestion
Good Quality Ingredients
May Cause Stomach Upset
Low in Calories, Low in Carbs , Low in Fat
Good Taste with many flavors Variety
Noticeable fast result
Very Affordable


Bsn Syntha-6​

Editors' rating :
  • SYNTHA-6 is an ultra-premium protein and BSN's best-tasting protein powder on the market
  • It is designed to suit to active lifestyles and diet plans.
  • SYNTHA-6 is a very good source of fiber and it includes essential amino acids and fatty acids
  • Delicious & Amazing in test
  • Can use any time day: pre / post-workout, with meals, as a snack
  • It's very good for reducing body weight
  • It's One scoop contains 200 calories 22 grams of protein and provides 15 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams fiber,6 grams of fat (2 grams saturated fat)
Many Variety in Flavors
High in Carb
Amazing Taste
High in Calories & Fat
Easily Mixes Well
Little bit Expensive
Good for Pre and Post Workouts
Not ideal for weight loss goal
High Quality Protein


Naked Whey Protein

Editors' rating :
  • Naked Whey Protein​ is 100% Grass-Fed Pure Whey Protein with zero additives.
  • Naked Whey Protein​ is soy free and GMO Free and Gluten Free.
  • It`s GH Free, has no rBGH or rBST.
  • it`s Good for build lean muscle and aid recovery.
  • Naked Whey Protein​ loaded with essential amino acids, glutathione, and clean protein.
  • It has no artificial flavors or sweeteners or colors.
  • In each serving provides 160 calories,25 grams of protein,8 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fat (1.5 grams of saturated fat),5.9 Grams of BCAA.
No Artificial ingredients & color & sweeteners.
It`s not Lactose free
Comes from dairy grass-fed cow`s milk
Poor in mixability
Soy Free and Gluten Free
Little Expensive
Cold Processed
Good in Taste


Dymatize ISO 100 Hydrolyzed

Editors' rating :
  • Dymatize is a pretty well-known brand in the supplement.
  • In each serving provides 25 grams of protein and 5.5 grams of BCAAs and <1 gram Fat and 1 gram sugars.
  • Banned substance tested.
  • It's Gluten-Free and very low in lactose.
  • ISO100 is simply muscle-building Protein powder.
  • May help you recover more fast
  • Its removed excess carbohydrates, fat, and cholesterol
  • ISO100 is made with pre-hydrolyzed protein sources to ensure fast absorption
  • It can take as post-workout.
Very fast in Digesting
Its Contains soy
Good in test
Comes up with artificial sweeteners
Gluten-Free and very low in Lactose
Not 100% hydrolyzed whey
Low in carbohydrates, fat,cholesterol
Good for recovery
Very Affordable


Myprotein Impact Whey

Editors' rating :
  • Impact Whey Protein is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by MyProtein.
  • It`s good for fat loss program
  • It`s a dairy based protein that good for lean muscle gain and helps in recovering muscles.
  • It`s low in Cholesterol
  • Good in increase energy and focus
  • In each serving provides 103 kcal Calories, 20 gram Protein
  • You can take it any time as post-workout or pre-workout or with the meal.
Good Value of money
Artificial flavoring
Effectiveness for building muscle
Sub-Par Taste
Low in Sodium & Cholesterol
Good Taste with many flavors Variety
Low in Calories & sugars
Very Affordable
High calcium (Good for the bones)
Easy On The Stomach
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